Romantic Travel Companion

I'm Becca...and I'm a life, love and travel companion
just waiting to light up your life!

I am a mature (early 50’s) quietly pretty (inside-and-out) and authentic “Life, Love and Travel Companion,” with the possibility of enhancing your life immensely through special extended visits, shared luxury travel and the kind of companionship, sensuality and romance you may be yearning for.

Yes, call me a modern-day courtesan if you must put a label to it. But let’s put an emphasis on the “courtship” part. Or think of me as a lovely companion with the emphasis on the “love” part. In a way, I have the potential to be your fabulous non-clingy girlfriend. This may A LOT more than what you’re looking for.

I am NOT going to be your “kept mistress” in the traditional sense of the word (the French sense)…because I do not meet with married men. I would only consider meeting a SINGLE man, preferably 50+. And that is non-negotiable! Please be decidedly unattached, or do not contact me.

If you are one of those fellows who is “leading separate lives” with your spouse but you’ve opted to remain married for purely practical reasons, or you’ve been given permission to wander…I’ll still need to verify that so we won’t be sneaking around and we can feel free and open with our friendship. I so dislike being named in lawsuits and such.

While you might have found me on an escort site, I know it sounds a bit odd…but I am not really an independent escort, arm candy for the day nor am I anyone to engage with for a “one-off” liason, dinner for the night, an interlude and so on. Sorry! This is not a GFE (Girl Friend Experience) either…I’m not a curated girlfriend-for-a-short-time “experience” to be enjoyed briefly like some delicacy (caviar, I would think LOL). Because I’m going to be my real self with you and my real self doesn’t like being slobbered over like a dog treat, gnawed on a little, and then casually tossed away. I simply won’t engage with you intimately if I don’t sincerely find you adorable and rather darling (and you feel the same for me) and after taking some time to get to know one another.

You already know that you’d like to establish a connection with someone you can rely on and call upon, vs. a “one-off.”

Your Secret Sharer in Life’s Bounty for Unique Journeys 


This relationship is about us savoring things together, seeing more of the world together, and experiencing new things in each other’s company. Ideally, we’d grow and improve individually by our inspiring association to one another.

I’m someone open-minded and with a flexible schedule (and also needing a lot of me time/solitude) BUT with whom to enjoy a loving or affectionate relationship/friendship and travels with. 

I seek an exceedingly secure gentleman with good manners and a romantic, dynamic spirit. He instinctively offers me his support, security, protection, mentoring and beautiful, possibly rarified experiences. Is this a sugar daddy? I think that term is a bit petty. It’s not at all how I would think of the special person who would grace my life with his capable presence.

This proposed situation enhances my feelings of femininity and well-being and I hope that I might inspire or be a pleasure or comfort to you as well in all the ways that I can (Please see my About Me to understand more about that).

Support is an important factor in feeling fully in my feminine and getting to relax with a gentleman who may wish to focus my attention away from some of my daily business/investing activities, and onto him.

I find it extremely motivating to have a sweet, affectionate gent to look forward to spending time with (between some of my projects which are mobile), and within an ambiance of being extremely well-looked-after.

Are you seeking your ideal Love, Life and Luxury Travel Companion?


And you: you are on a rather serious and deeply personal search for a truly compatible sexy woman friend, a divine travel companion, a lovable person to look forward to seeing, and that favorite non-clingy girlfriend… 

This has led you to keep reading through…Yours is a discreet search to locate and get to know someone different and special (to your mind!) whom you might not normally get to meet in the course of your life unless perhaps introduced by say, an exclusive matchmaker in London, New York or Palm Beach or other places, or by a close personal friend…

You’re seeking someone whom you may call upon to spend extended, regular, quality moments with, but not necessarily via a dating situation (and all those heavy expectations that can come with dating). You’d like to get to know a charming, kind woman in very slow time, across a wide variety of situations and without those expectations of it evolving into a 24/7 relationship.

If we both wished it to evolve in a deeper direction, then you would certainly be in charge of that, as you are already a decisive man who goes after the best things in life.

That’s where the “fluid and flexible” part fits in. You see, I love looking forward to and having light luxurious adventures with someone I sincerely like, respect and feel attracted to! For me, settling into those mundane everyday routines with a man, his extended family, household chores and all of that…Eeeks!  I’m not sure that’s for me…I prefer the courtship part.

Chemistry, Connection and Compatibility


I’m not for “everyone” nor would I expect you to be happy with just anyone. To engage intimately with you, I will require a rather sincere depth of Connection we will both feel, a palpable Chemistry we will both experience, and a relaxing, comfortable Compatability that makes it easy and fun and “not a chore” to be in each other’s company.

What exclusive escorts usually specialize in: meeting and being good to just about anyone (as long as screened, safe and gentlemanly). The expertise is in showing up and quickly molding themselves to your perceived needs, and chameleon-ing themselves into your garden for the agreed-upon time, creating a kind of on-demand magic…

This is an extraordinary skill, and provides great comfort in a lonely world, and I have every respect for it…but that’s just not me (anymore). I have absolutely nothing against high class escorting. I was one in the fairly deep past (and I loved my time in that rather wild genre of that spicy chapter in my life!).

But THIS time around I am on my own unique search for more fun, fulfillment and deeper connections with the one or two incredible gents who may care to introduce themselves to me after going through all this material…

Because of my unique offering, and my screening/filtering…I get so few inquiries. It’s rather appalling! It’s lonely being this picky, eccentric, demanding, whatever. But I think it’s probably worthwhile.

THIS TIME I get to be my authentic self, and that is what I will present to you, like me or not.

More love/attraction/fun, less faking.

To get to know this authentic self better, won’t you please have a little mooch around my website?

You may actually come across me without photo makeup, view me introducing myself to you on video, find out about some of my interests and projects and possibly get to read what someone else (an exclusive bespoke matchmaker in London!) said about me which was very flattering. I couldn’t believe she was talking about me…

If after all that, you still yearn to meet for a proper first date…well, first study this site carefully to make sure I’m REALLY the right sort of lady for you.

Then, please introduce yourself in such a way that I get a thorough picture of you and become comfortable that I would feel safe and good with you…and if that goes well…then please just jet yourself over to my little corner of the world (or jet me to you). Let’s meet!

And let’s start having the time of our lives. I’m considered “mature” now (you may be too)…and life is too short for either of us to wait.

Sending hugs and I hope to see you soon,


Curious: Please see the ABOUT YOU and  ABOUT ME and FAQ pages?  

Becca is a Romantic Travel Companion, and...

Modern-day and exclusive private courtesan, VIP companion, FMTY luxury travel companion, independent sweetheart and girlfriend. She is a potential love, life and romantic partner through a bespoke exclusive matchmaker in London. .Find your very special girlfriend for beautiful occasions and luxury travel in London, Palm Beach, New York and all of Europe. 

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